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"The Dirt Podcast" is an inside look at the history, culture and operations of baseball in Dayton.

Dragons relief pitcher Jayvien Sandridge joins us this week on The Dirt Podcast. In this episode, Jayvien gives us an in-depth look on his journey to minor league baseball, how the pandemic altered his playing career, and the support system he has for himself and others.

Dragons outfielder Jack Rogers joins us this week on The Dirt Podcast. In this episode, Jack talks about the clubhouse atmosphere after a huge win, his big offensive year to date, his college experience, and what he loves to do during the offseason.

This week on "The Dirt", we chat with JJ Cooper, Editor-In-Chief of Baseball America. Listen in as he talks about the impact of media coverage on Minor League Baseball and how that coverage has evolved from the print world into the digital era.

In this episode of The Dirt Podcast, we sit down with Dragons hitting coach Eric Richardson where he talks about the differences of player development at each level, his playing time with NBA legend Michael Jordan, and the transformation of the Reds.

Ever wonder what it's like when a player goes on the road? We sat down with Dragon's catcher Michael Trautwein and got an inside look on what a road trip might look like. Plus, Michael talks about his time spent with the Dragons, his college days, and he even shows off his guitar skills.

This week on The Dirt, we chat with Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, longtime Lansing Lugnuts broadcaster and author of "The Baseball Thesaurus". Listen in as he explains some of the crazier rules of baseball and details some of these moments on and off the field.

In this week's episode of The Dirt Podcast, co-hosts Brad Eaton and Andrew Hayes sit down with Dragons outfielder Blake Dunn. They chat about Blake's high school career as a multi-sport athlete, the moment that Blake gets drafted by the Reds, and much more.

In this episode of The Dirt, we are joined by special guest Craig Muder, The Director of Communications with the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Listen in as he gives us a behind the scenes tour of the historic museum and details the process of how the Hall of Fame functions year round, plus much more.

In this episode of The Dirt, we sit down with Senior Director of Operations, John Wallace, to discuss some of the weirdest moments to happen over the years in Dayton. Some moments include a frantic deer in the stands, a curious skunk roaming the field, and more.

Andrew Hayes, Host of The Dirt Podcast, and Tom Nichols, Dragons broadcaster, are back for the 2023 season as we kick off the year with Howard Kellman, the voice of the Indianapolis Indians since 1974. The topic discussed is about the evolution of minor league baseball broadcasting and how it has changed drastically over the years.

Andrew Hayes, Host of The Dirt Podcast, and Tom Nichols, Dragons broadcaster, break down and discuss the Reds top 10 prospect list of 2023. They give their thoughts on how each player performed during their time with the Dragons and their connection to the team.

Dragons Manager Bryan LaHair joins us for another episode of "The Dirt Podcast." Looking back at the 2022 season, we breakdown the impact of roster changes, team chemistry, and take a glimpse into the offseason.

3x NL All-Star and former Philly, Juan Samuel, joins Brad and Andrew on The Dirt Podcast for a look into his professional career in the MLB. He describes his playing career from the minors to the majors as well as his journey through the coaching ranks.

In this episode of The Dirt, we give you an inside look into all of the upcoming 2022 Dragons events and promotions at Day Air Ballpark.

On this episode of The Dirt, Brad and Andrew chat with Dragons Pitcher James Proctor about his Ivy League college experience, the very important piece of his family's history he received from a Dayton Dragons fan, and how technology is helping pitchers reach their full potential.

Make sure to CATCH the latest episode of The Dirt, with Dragons Catcher Mat Nelson. The guys chat with Mat about his baseball journey, managing a game behind the plate, the mental side of the sport, and much more!

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through a pitcher’s mind before he takes the mound, what goes on in a clubhouse during a rain delay, or how to make the switch from college slugger to professional pitcher, you’re in luck! On today’s episode of “The Dirt”, Brad and Andrew sit down with Dragons pitcher Jake Gozzo.

Meet the 2022 Dragons Manager, Bryan LaHair!

From his journey as a player in the MLB, his switch to coaching, and his love for fresh seafood, get to know more about the 11th manager in Dragons history in this episode of The Dirt.

A lot of people out there will tell you that hitting a baseball, especially one coming at you at 97 miles an hour, is one of THE hardest things to do in all of sports.

Well, on today’s episode, we sat down with the guy in charge of that very thing for the Reds organization, Minor League Hitting Coordinator CJ Gillman.

Originally from Venezuela, Dragons Manager Jose Moreno is a family man through and through. He's a son to parents from Venezuela. He's also a husband and father to his own being a father figure to 25 "surrogate sons" he has in the Dragons dugout.

The role of Dragons manager is a lot more than just what you see in the dugout, so take a listen as Jose gives us a glimpse at what goes into his role.

These days, building the Major Leaguers of tomorrow takes a lot more than just on field conditioning and practice.

We talked with Cincinnati Reds Minor League Nutrition Coordinator Leah Reitmayer about her role in teaching players how to up their nutrition game to boost results in their play.

A former college athlete herself, Leah brings a whole new topic into focus for guys who, at their age, aren't exactly known to traditionally make the healthiest of food choices without some guidance.

Pitcher Graham Ashcraft is having a monster year on the mound in 2021. In fact, it's going so well that between recording this episode and posting it, Graham became a "Former Dragons Pitcher" as he got the call up to Double-A Chattanooga shortly after we talked with him.

Take a listen as we dive into his pitching philosophy (SPOILER ALERT: throw it as hard as humanly possible on every pitch), how he got sweet revenge to shut up a former college coach who didn't believe in him and how this southern boy from Alabama loves getting outdoors to hunt ducks with his dog, Hank.

Comedian Preacher Lawson will be live on stage at Day Air Ballpark's first comedy show on Friday, June 25. But before he hits the stage, he joined us on this episode of _The Dirt. _

We got a behind the scenes look of Preacher's run on season 12 of America's Got Talent (including a great story about being licked by Tyra Banks...).

He also gives us some insight into the life of a standup comic and how good it "feels" to digest your food as a vegan.

A LOT has happened over the past 18 months. We went from a 2020 season cancelled to not knowing if 2021 would suffer the same fate, to 100% open.

In this episode, we give you an inside look into the fall/winter of 2020 when we brainstormed all kinds of crazy events that we could host if baseball wasn't back. Then we take a look at all of the events that DID make the cut and give you some inside tips to get the most out of them.

In this episode of The Dirt, we’re joined by one of the newest Dragons in town, Jacob Hurtubise (pronounced HURT-uh-bees).

This guy has already had quite a story, from growing up playing baseball in Indiana to starring as an All-American at West Point, to becoming the very first baseball player to take advantage of the DOD’s new policy allowing service academy graduates to delay active service while playing professional sports.

Hear the story through his words, find out what he's binging on Netflix, his thoughts on the abundance of stats in baseball and just how he got so darn fast.