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Each year, the Modesto Nuts Street Team, Al the Almond, Wally the Walnut, Shelley the Pistachio, Nuts players, and staff make hundreds of appearances at schools, youth sporting events, charitable functions and other events throughout the region.

The Modesto Nuts received the 2017 Excellence in Community Service Award. The Award is given annually to the franchise that shows an ongoing commitment to charitable service and their support and leadership in their community and within the baseball industry.

Steps to Request an Appearance

If you would like to have Al the Almond, Wally the Walnut, Shelley the Pistachio, and a member of the Nuts front office staff at your next event, at your school, in a parade, at a sporting event, at a charitable function, at a festival, or anywhere else follow the steps below!

Email our Promotions Coordinator, Donovan Farran ([email protected]), one of the following:

OPTION ONE: Event Flyer

  1. Organization Name
  2. Event Name
  3. Contact information
  4. Location of the event
  5. Date and time of the event
  6. Audience size

OPTION TWO: Mascot Request form (click button below)

If you have any questions please contact the Modesto Nuts Front Office (209)572-4487